Offaldrome 7: “Periwinkle Pussycat”

It’s been almost two years. Miss me? No? I’ll make you wish you said YES!!! Locked in a pillory, with a pear of anguish expanding in each orifice, your only comfort will be the soothing sounds of this new episode of The Offaldrome gently licking at your eardrums like the tiny tongue of a hummingbird upon a flower.

Periwinkle Pussycat

Marcello Giombini – Seli
Don Bartnick – Gefährlich Karriere
Gordon Thomas – Kim
Caroliner – Good Luck Shining Tongue
The Gatemen – The Klan
The Centimeters – I Want a Dead One
Ada Jones & Billy Murray – Mysterious Moon
The Gland Puppies – My Catapult Named Professor Stain that Sends Dogs Sailing Towards Certain Death
Francis Lai – Scene D’Amour
Claude François – Hey Potatoes
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Der Hexer (The Evil Magician)
Brute Force – To Sit on a Sandwich
Subject – Remember (Yoko)
Bitter Sweet – What a Lonely Way to Start the Summertime
ADN’ Ckrystall – Deutsch Napalm
Nai Bonet – Jelly Belly
Alien Porno Midgets – Our Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua
Jim Burrill – The Doctor
Cromagnon – Caledonia
Brigitte Bardot – Une Histoire de plage
Smersh – Cute Stuff
Vladimir Cosma – Maldonne
Ken Nordine – Lavender
George Gould – Dark Eyes
White Noise – My Game of Loving
Aavikko & Felix Kubin – Superlake Beat

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