Offaldrome 1: “I Love You, Handsome”

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Louche Belasco and the first ever Offaldrome podcast.

I Love You, Handsome

The Collins Kids – Whistle Bait
The Tiger Lillies – Beat Me
Nico Fidenco – La Via Della Prostituzione
Sparks – Falling in Love with Myself Again
Johnny Cash – Banks of the Ohio
Albert Brooks – Love Song
Gerard Heinz – Love Love Love
Bongwater – What If
Gertrude Lawrence – The Physician
Mel Blanc – I Love Me
Throbbing Gristle – Something Came Over Me
Alvis Wayne – I Wanna Eat Your Pudding
Peter Sellers – She Loves You
The B-52′s – Give Me Back My Man
Betty Johnson – The Little Blue Man
They Might Be Giants – For Science
Joe Berluck – Forever
Tom Lehrer – I Hold Your Hand in Mine
Tom Waits – Watch Her Disappear
Jerry Mathers – Wind Up Toy
Diamanda Galás – My World is Empty Without You
Bruco Nicolai – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Frank Zappa – Shove it Right In
Groucho Marx – Everyone Says I Love You
Z-Rock Hawaii – I Get a Little Taste of You
Little Marcy – I Love Little Pussy
Devo – Love Without Anger
Love is a Heart-On – Column of Flowing Honey
The Cramps – Love Me
Messer Chups – The Pornoman
André Popp – Love is Blue
The Frogs – These are the Finest Queen Boys (I’ve Ever Seen)
Dickey Lee – Laurie (Strange Things Happen)
Alice Cooper – I Love the Dead
Chico Marx – Everyone Says I Love You
Felix Kubin – Hello
The Magnetic Fields – The Book of Love
Mick Harvey – Lemon Incest
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Do You Love Me?, Pt. 2
Shirley & Lee – I Feel Good


Offaldrome 1: “I Love You, Handsome” — 11 Comments

  1. Hey. What happened to all our comments?! Damn it.. i think they got deleted when you redesigned this page.

    And speaking of pages.. when are you going to set up a MonSpace page? I have a spot reserved for you on my Top Friends list. So let’s get to it. And a new podcast would sure be swell. Even though i enjoy this one and come back to listen to it often, i need new blood too. Old blood gets all gross and brown after a while.

    And speaking of old blood… what are you wearing?

  2. Make new comments, fool!

    I’ll get right on that. Just a few crotch jabs with my intern prodding stick and that page will be up in two shakes. I know how to push their buttons.

    I’m still wearing nothing but my imaginary loincloth. I thought about autographing it and sending it to you, since you’re such a loyal fan. But I decided I’m far too modest to be sauntering about in public with my saber unsheathed.

  3. I think that more than two shakes have gone by. Where is that damned MonSpace page?

    If you can’t send the autographed loincloth, can you send the autographed spat and slap? You aren’t shy about sauntering around in public with unsheathed ankles and wrists, are ya?

  4. All promotional efforts are currently on hold while we wait for you to show more enthusiasm for the most recent episode.

    And I’ll be too god damn cold without my spats and bracelet! You want me to fucking die from hypothermia? There’s no replacing Louche Belasco. The Offaldrome would die with me. Such a horrible thought. Makes my eyes well up and my scrotum tighten up around my balls like shrinkwrap.

  5. HA! I knew you were upset because i didn’t listen to the second podcast as much as the first. I am going to do that right now. But that’s what you get for making the first one so damn amazing!

    I feel for your scrotum. Ouch.

  6. Ahem. Where is that third podcast you were talking about? I haven’t slept in anticipation since you last mentioned it.

    I hope you are not dead. That would really be a huge blow to the podcast community. I know i would never be the same again. And neither would you.

    So, if you are not dead let me know. Email me. If you are dead let me know. Float a feather in front of my monitor while i sit here listening to what’s left of Offaldrome. Or teabag me while i am sleeping. I will know it is you by the shrinkwrapped scrotum.

  7. I’m workin’ on it!!! Yeah, I know I’m late with it. And you know what? I don’t care! Uncle Belasco does what Uncle Belasco wants when Uncle Belasco wants to do it.

    You’ll know if I die. I’ll posses one of your mannequins and spend the afterlife violating you in ways so disgusting and bizarre no one has yet thought to make them illegal. And when they do, I can’t be punished! This is my heaven.

    Boy, I can’t wait. It’s almost worth offing myself for.

  8. A dull hum constantly called from the light above. It’s funny how a room so unfamiliar can still feel like the rest. Blame the smell of the ER or the boredom of the night, but we just found ourselves looking at each other then suddenly giving it a go on one of the beds. It was so cold that I imagined sticking my big black ass on his cock.

  9. Take note, spammers. Fashion your posts after the one above and you’ll get the Louche Belasco seal of approval. Please, more anthropomorphic black pussies sharing tales of getting fucked in the ass!

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